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Battleships Armada

Battleships Armada

Battleships Armada

Diplomacy is over! Let the bombs rain over your enemy’s fleet and prove your strategy as an admiral. In this version of the classic board game you will try to guess the positioning of each ship of your rival’s fleet in the grid. Each turn you and your rival will launch 3 missiles. The first one that sinks the last rival ship will be the winner.

Deploy your fleet on a grid and try to guess where are hiding your rival’s ships. Each turn you and your rival will have 3 missiles. Chose a cell from the grid and let the missile drop. If you miss, the bomb will fall in the water. If you hit a ship, bomb the surrounding cells until you have hit each module of the ship. Try to sink all the enemy’s ships before he does first.

Controls Touch
Drag your fleet’s ships on the grid. You can rotate them by double tapping. During battle phase, click on the cells to drop a missile.